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Do you want to boost the curb appeal of your landscape? Are you looking for the best stump grinding service in Aurora, CO? If yes, then you can consider hiring Aurora Stump Grinding. We are thoroughly skilled and experienced to maintain the look and feel of your landscape. Aurora Stump Grinding is located in Aurora CO. We offer both residential and commercial stump grinding and landscaping services in Aurora and the surrounding area. We will help to remove any stump from your landscape and backyard. We understand different types of trees and know how to remove a stump without causing any hassle.

Our Services

We are specialized in stump removal and grinding services. However, we are not limited to these services. You can consider us for many other services related to your landscape. People find us worth spending on tree removal, landscaping, and tree trimming services. Besides, we offer emergency tree removal, unwanted tree removal, tree stump removal, unhealthy tree removal, storm tree removal, and many other tree services. You can contact us for any of the services including the following.

Shrub Trimming

Shrub trimming might seem easy. However, it demands specific skills to get the optimal result. Without skill, you might damage the shrub. You can contact us for the shrub trimming. We will guarantee a cost-effective solution. We will do proper trimming to promote new growth and boost the appearance of your landscape.

Hedge Trimming

You might have realized that hedge trimming is different from shrub trimming. It demands perfection and you cannot do it without experience. So, let the professionals handle the job. We will trim with utmost to ensure that the lower branches are not shaded by the upper branches. All the branches will get adequate sunlight for proper growth. You will love the look as well.


We are skilled to offer different types of landscaping services. If you want to hire a service for tree trimming to ensure the growth of your trees, you can come to us to get a cost-effective solution. We are specialized in tree trimming. We can trim any tree to ensure proper growth. Also, you can contact us for tree removal, stump removal, and stump grinding.

Shrub Pruning

We offer a wide range of shrub pruning services. We know how and when to prune the plants. If you choose the wrong time and methods, you are going to damage the plants. Once you contact us, we will help you with the right time and tool for the pruning. Our team will offer the best shrub pruning services at your cost.

Why Should You Hire Us?

We are a licensed and bonded tree removal contractor in Aurora, CO. We work with the full dedication to exceed your expectations. Our service is easily accessible and friendly. Once you contact us, we can accompany you at your convenient time to take care of your landscape. Besides, we offer no-obligation quotes.

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We offer a free quote on all our landscaping services. Contact us now to get a free quote on your project!

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